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The Excitement of GNOME.Asia Summit 2019

Last week, on October 10-12th 2019, GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 has been successfully held on Gresik, East Java. Located in Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik, GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 was attended by hundreds of people. It also presented dozens of speakers around the world. Although it is the second time GNOME.Asia Summit was held in Indonesia, this is the first time for me to participate in this event. Thank you for organizers and committees for giving me a chance to take a part in this amazing event.When I knew that GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 will be held in Gresik, I applied proposal to become a speaker. Actually, I planned to give a lightning talk about WebRTC implementation, but the organizer ask me to conduct workshop on Day 0. I was exciting, because I had a longer time to share my knowledges and experiences on WebRTC implementation. The topic that I presented on that workshop was “Video Call Application using WebRTC and GStreamer“.

This is the first for me to be a speaker on this event.
Attended Day 0 (Friday) means that I had to take a leave on my company, since it was a work day. Fortunately my company supported me to participated to the event. So the next step was applied travel sponsorship to GNOME Foundation. I just applied proposal for transport only, and decided to pay hotel by my self. The travel committee agreed to my proposal. I preferred went to Gresik by train, it was cheaper than by plane. Travelling from Bogor to Gresik took twelve hours by train. Thank you GNOME for your support!
WebRTC Class with Fitra Aditya

I will publish the workshop material on my github soon.

At Day 1, GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 was opened festively by traditional dance. The topics that presented by keynote speakers and parallel classes were very amazing. Also there were several booths from various open source communities that can be visited. Of course, I collected some stickers and other merchandises from each booth. But unfortunately, I could not attend the Day 2 because I had to come back to Bogor. :(Actually, it was a long time that I haven’t been attend to open source event like this, and I was very excited when I got a chance to participate on GNOME.Asia Summit 2019. Not only because I became a speaker and shared my knowledge to the attendees, but also I could meet my old friends and got a new friends.

GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 Welcome Dinner
With BlankOn Linux Ex-Developer
Finally, thanks to all the organizers and committees who worked hard to make the GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 successful. Thank you also to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my trip. Hopefully in the future I can actively participate in open source activities and the community.